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A mixture of Microgreens ,Specialty Greens, Herbs, and Edible Flowers. Normally has a variety of items every week they are different and may contain the following:
the container measures 9″x9″ and weighs 8 to 12 ounces. Depending on the variety This item meets the Minimum Delivery item. It is our most popular subscription choice.

– Viola Flower & Leaf
– Nasturtium Flower & Leaf
– Sweet Green Pea Flower
– Marigold Flower
– Arugula Flower & Leaf
– Kale Micro
– Kale Frilly Leaf
– Pea Shoots
– Lentil Shoots
– Clover
– Buckwheat
– Sorrel
– Beet Micros or Macros
– Red Chard
– Yellow Chard
– Orange Chard
– Bunching Onion
– Cilantro
– Basil Green and Purple
– Red Tatsoi Mustard
– Red Cabbage
– Purple Kohlrabi
– Rambo Radish
– Purple Radish

And other colorful mixtures of Micros and Macros.

We grow 153 Varieties and can swap and change them at any time. Thus the Artisan. Get creative! Bring out the artist in your food and post pictures with #4LeafMicros.

This item is grown to order we will email you with availability and date when your order will be ready.
See Facebook or Instagram for extra items that are available each week. Approximate grow time is 14 Days

2.5 to 2 oz is Available weekly at

Ever’man North Pensacola
1000 E Nine Mile Road
Pensacola, FL 32514

Ever’man Garden Pensacola
315 W. Garden St.
Pensacola Fl. 32502

Additional information

Weight 1 oz
Dimensions N/A

9"x9" container 8 to 10 oz


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