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Contains: Arugula Microgreens
Micro Arugula is comprised of 1 to 2 small leaves attached to a slender stem, averaging 5 to 7 centimeters in length. The delicate green leaves have a curved, heart-shape with broad, uniform edges, and the surface of the leaves is smooth, pliable, and flat. The leaves are also attached to a narrow pale green stem, contributing to the microgreen’s crisp, succulent, and tender consistency. Micro Arugula is mild compared to the mature herb, containing a subtly sweet, tangy, peppery, and earthy flavor with grassy, vegetal, and nutty nuances.

Micro Arugula is available year-round.

Current Facts
Arugula consists of young, edible seedlings that are a part of a line of specialty microgreens grown by 4Leaf Micros Farm. The crisp greens bear a zesty, peppery flavor and were selectively curated to provide chefs with a unique, edible garnish. Arugula is generally harvested 1 to 2 weeks after sowing in Florida this is dictated by the seasons here. They are most happy in Winter months, ensuring the greens have a tender consistency. The microgreens are also gathered at the peak of their growth cycle to guarantee optimum flavor and nutritional content. Micro Arugula can be used to elevate in-house dining, complementing ingredients without overpowering the main flavor of the dish, and it can also be incorporated as a takeout garnish. Packing the tiny greens in a takeout meal as a surprise element allows consumers to sprinkle the microgreens over the dish, creating an emotional and sensory dining experience at home. In addition to being featured as a microgreen, Micro Arugula is also offered as a Petite® Green, a slightly larger, more mature version of the microgreen that provides a more robust peppery flavor and texture.

Nutritional Value
Arugula is a good source of vitamin K and calcium, nutrients that contribute to healthy wound healing and overall bone health. The microgreens are also a source of vitamin C to strengthen the immune system and increase the absorption of iron, potassium to balance fluid levels within the body, folate to develop genetic material, and lower amounts of magnesium, phosphorus, and iron. It is important to note that the vitamins and minerals are found primarily within the leaves and not in the stems of the microgreens. Growing conditions also significantly impact the nutritional content, and Fresh Origins cultivates their microgreens in a natural setting, an ideal climate for healthy, optimal greens.

Arugula has a nutty, peppery taste best suited as an edible garnish and is showcased when consumed fresh, primarily in savory dishes. The microgreens should be added at the end of preparations and are recommended to be dressed in lighter sauces and vinaigrettes to avoid wilting. Arugula can be mixed with other lettuces to create a flavorful salad, or it can be used as a bed of greens under roasted meats and seafood. The microgreens can also be floated on soups and stews, used as a garnish over quiche, sprinkled as a topping on pizza, or stirred into pasta. In addition to using the greens whole, Arugula can be blended into pesto, chopped and layered onto sandwiches and burgers, or topped over roasted potatoes and vegetable medleys. Micro Arugula pairs well with cheeses such as burrata, parmesan, feta, chevre, blue cheese, gorgonzola, and mozzarella, nuts such as walnuts, pine nuts, and pecans, fruits including pears, citrus, berries, melons, and avocados, balsamic vinegar, cucumber, tomato, olives, fennel, and meats including turkey, beef, veal, poultry, and fish. Arugula will generally keep 5 to 7 days stored in the refrigerator in a sealed container.

Ethnic/Cultural Info
In Ancient Greece, arugula was believed to be a natural aphrodisiac and was heavily used in the 1st century CE to increase libido. The peppery greens were thought to block unhealthy contaminants from being absorbed into the body, which helped clarify the mind and soul. Records of using arugula as an aphrodisiac were mentioned through the writings of the Greek physician Pedanius Dioscorides and the aromatic herb was primarily eaten fresh in salads. Arugula was also one of the main ingredients used in love potions and was paired with lavender or chicory to increase the potion’s potency. Love potions were the source of many Greek myths and legends, and among some folk medicines practiced in Europe today, the peppery greens are still seen as a libido enhancer.

Arugula is native to the temperate regions of the Mediterranean and has been growing wild for thousands of years. Over time, the peppery herb was spread through Europe, where it was used for its pungent flavor, and eventually, the greens were introduced to the New World through European immigrants. Throughout history, arugula has experienced periods of immense popularity, to seasons of distaste, with the most recent surge taking place in the 1990s among American chefs and consumers. During this surge, Micro Arugula was also developed in the United States in the 1980s and 1990s, establishing the herb’s presence as a high-end flavoring.

A 4 Leaf favorite, generally considered a staple of the spicier side of microgreens and baby salad greens. The peppery taste gets less intense as it grows bigger.
Grown and used since ancient Roman times, arugula was first used as a medicinal herb and aphrodisiac. The leafy green is now popular in Italian cuisine and is grown and eaten around the world.
The leaves tend to be deep green in color with deep notches up and down both sides. Some leaves have full, round ends while others are more pointy. Arugula is frequently eaten raw as a salad green but can also be enjoyed cooked in a variety of dishes.
Arugula is a peppery, distinctive-tasting green that originated in the Mediterranean region. It’s also known as rucola, salad rocket, and Italian cress.
Arugula is a member of the Brassica, or Cruciferous, family.
This classification includes mostly cruciferous vegetables, such as Brussels sprouts, kale, cauliflower, and broccoli.

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