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Small Greens. Big Flavor.

Unmatched Nutrition.

4 Leaf Micros started locally in Pensacola Florida with an Idea that we could help immune compromised people conquering cancer absorb more nutrition from their food. We have over 26 years experience growing food.

Our passion does not stop at growing food. We work closely with chefs to develop culinary flavors with our products. These recipes are catered for not only chefs but the average home cooks. By adding microgreens to dishes, we are better able to help increase the nutrition of your food.

Our mission is simply to educate more people on how these mighty little veggies can have an impact on one’s life due to the fact that they have 4 to 40 times more nutrients than the normal mature vegetables we consume!

We  grow many types of Microgreens in our indoor climate controlled grow facility. We use Organic seed whenever possible , organic soil designed for microgreens and we filter and PH Balance our water , therefore we can guarantee high-quality products grown and harvested with love and care.

We also cater to the restaurant industry here in Pensacola and surrounding areas and their needs to grow a variety of specialized microgreens. We have a variety of edible flowers and grow to order hard to find and heirloom specialty herbs.

We also have Grow at Home kits for people and pets and several seasoning mixes. As well as developing other products for the markets.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or queries, and we will be pleased to help you as you seek to improve your health and your options to do so.

Your feedback helps me be my best to help you be your best.  We are a Local to Pensacola FL urban farm and a woman owned business. 

Yours in Health & Flavor,

Clover Lawson , Urban Farmer

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